Do you also have the feeling that despite the world is wide and large sometimes it gets pretty narrow?

To overcome this I was in my youth seeking for anything what would grant me freedom in my life. I was traveling, getting my “vida” by living in many different ways, living in caves and streets, I was just simply free. But after some months the real feeling of being free was missing again – even better: Was there any at all??

Back to society, job, … jobs, friends, homes, … … balancing everyday life with inner freedom.

Now I know that it is only us – our ideas and thoughts, what limits us. And I learn how to be free. I practice. Then after you practice some time you can really see that you feel better and you are getting more and more free. Even more, then you start to realize it can even be rich, and again it is you who can make it rich. Not only for you and not only in material matters.

One of my widest experinces of recent days (and actulaly of all of my life so far) was when Karmapa Thaje Dorje was speaking about universe(s). “Atop one particle, there are as many realms as atoms; wihin the space on the tip of one hair, there are oceans of Buddhas of past, present, and future, oceans of pure realms and oceans of eons.” In the presence of such being as Karmapa Thaje Dorje is, you experience it as you never have before. This is what is called entering the lama’s mind. And like this they are able to show us our own potential. For this they are so unique and there is not many of them left here anymore…